Acceptance Mark


 1.Low Exhaust.
 2.High Output Current Excellent Structure.
 3.High Saturation Current.
 4.Soldering leads Suitable for use in power supplies for all kinds of small electrical devices.
 5.Special specifications available upon request.
 6.Standard packing.
 7.Various material available to meet different frequency requirements.

 1.Switching Power Supply.
 3.Microwave Oven.
 4.Rice Cooker.
 5.TV Box.
 6.Audio System. 
 8.Network Device.
 10.Testing Instruments.
 11.Other Electronics Field. 

Size : Follow the customer's requestment
Coil Structure : Copper
Packing : Follow the customer's requestment 
Core : Magnetic Core

Specifications : 
1.No-load test (Included no-load voltage, no-load current and no-load loss)
2.Load test (Included load voltage and temperature rise)
3.Inductive voltage test
4.DC resistance test
5.Insulation resistance
6.Hi-POT test
7.Outlook inspection