Acceptance Mark
Switching Power Supply Adapter S-Mark Certification

S-MARK Authenticate

According to the entry into force of the 1998 resolution 92/98, Argentina input voltage AC 50-1000 Vac, or electrical and electronic equipment within the scope of the implementation of the DC 50-1500 Vdc S-Mark certification mandatory. The resolution will be divided into four groups of products, since 2001 step by step, to August 1, 2004 all products must obtain S-Mark certification to enter the Argentine market. CB Scheme member countries are Argentina, CB certificates and reports to be recognized, so can save a lot of trouble to repeat tests and send the sample. Argentina S-Mark safety certification does not require factory inspection arrangements, the applicant shall provide Spanish nameplate (including safety warning labels) and User Guide. S-Mark certification mark beside the flag to add body.

S-MARK Certification Technical Information
1. Argentina voltage AC220V/50Hz
2. There are two plugs, Divided ClassII Class I grounded and not grounded
3. Power cord should approval IRAM or Argentina TUV S-Mark verification
4. In Argentina there are three different plugs
 250V/10A Class I (IRAM 2073 Standard)
 250V/20A Class I (IRAM 2073 Standard)
 250V/10A Class II (IRAM 2063 Standard)
Argentina S-MARK certification requirements
1.Safety Test Report
Rheinland CB test report plus CB certificate, IEC in English or German Rhine's test report together with the Argentine national requirements
2.Additional Documents
· Importer of attorney
· Design drawings, specifications, schematic
· product photo
· Security warnings printed on the Spanish version of the Ming ·
· Spanish User's Manual
· German Rhine factory inspection report
·  Plug in line with Argentine IRAM 2063/2073 standard certificate

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