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Adapter GOST Certification Introduction
GOST Certification Introduction

Since 1995 Russian federal law "Products and Certification Services Act" enacted, Russia began to implement mandatory product certification system, the need to provide secure authentication of goods from initial development to dozens of thousands of now, the input of Russian products are must comply with Russian standards validation research institutes (GOSSTANDARD) inspection requirements to obtain GOST-R certificate and labeled. GOST-R certificate is valid for three years.


1996 and 1999 two Russian State Customs Committee announced a "list of goods into the customs territory of the Russian Federation needs to have compulsory certification to prove", including: food, household appliances, electronic products, light industrial products, cosmetics, furniture, toys, ceramics. China's exports of Russian goods and contrast shows that the majority of our products exports to Russia are subject to compulsory certification of animal products must also have proof of animal quarantine, and can accommodate food products are part of health care (hygienic) products, such as freezers and refrigerators, you need to get the Russian Ministry of Health health certificate, to pass the GOST-R certification.


If companies do not export product certification through Russia, after the arrival of the Russian cargo Rush very inconvenient to pay customs inspection fees and customs warehouse storage fees, the cost is likely to exceed the profits of the transaction, and takes a long time. Even more serious is no GOST certificate products simply are not allowed to go on sale.


After the enterprise, made ​​mandatory certification Russia (GOST), on the one hand can be directly marketed to obtain Russian GOST certificate and health certificate, you can set up commission sales or direct sales in Russia. Two long-term solution is to use the certificate issue. Once certified, the three-year period, each batch of products exported, to receive a certificate photocopy, can be used as valid proof guarantee exports and market. Third, you can use the Russian compulsory certification mark, enhance product value, for enterprises to develop the Russian market to provide credit guarantee.


Certification Body:





Required standard:

Security + EMC

Factory Inspection:


CB Scheme Member States:



220 Vac


50 Hz


European specifications:CEE7/7 & 7/16

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