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What is "PFC"? Active PFC and passive PFC difference?(Switching Power Supply Adapter)

What is "PFC"? Active PFC and passive PFC difference?

PFC is "Power Factor Correct"Abbreviation ‧
Electronic power supply device, the computer system used typically use 110V / 220V AC, but due to the nature of its nonlinear rectifier, the input voltage instability will cause damage to electrical equipment, energy efficiency and reduce energy waste.
In simple terms PFC Energy has environmental awareness, it is to improve power conversion efficiency, reduce the public power supply network and equipment harm.
Generally power electronic equipment without adding power factor correction (Power Factor Correction, PFC) under circuit, the power factor (Power Factor, PF) value of about 0.5, the lower the value of PF says energy efficiency is worse.

PFC divided into two kinds of active (Active) and passive (Passive), mainly based on the characteristics of PFC control device to distinguish.

一、Passive PFC:

Passive PFC volume using the passive element, PF value is between about 70 to 80%, greater wattage power supply, the greater the need. Input voltage magnitude must be manually switched to 115V or 230V.

二、Active PFC:

Use active element, PF values are above 90%, even 100%, and has a global voltage (Full Range) feature, automatically detects the input voltage, AC from 100V to 240V can be used, do not worry voltage conversion problems in different countries. Volume weight active element with much lighter, thus breaking the power supply high regard certain good traditional values.

How to determine whether the pfc?

PFC is divided into two kinds of active and passive, in the end how to distinguish it? Generally, no manual switching voltage, and indicated support for global voltage power supply, be sure to use active PFC. Does not necessarily have to manually switch the voltage using passive PFC, it may be no PFC power supply, easy to identify between the two, only the specification and pack identification by vendors.

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