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Pressure test (Dielectric Withstand Voltage Test)

Pressure test (Dielectric Withstand Voltage Test)

Pressure testing is used to verify the quality and safety of the electrical characteristics of the product (such as CSA, UL, IEC, TUV and so on international security agencies required standard) a production line testing.

The method of pressure testing is carried out in the electrical input power line products within a specified period of time by security agencies for each product type specifies the magnitude of pressure applied to a high voltage, and the test requirements arc can not occur during the application of high voltage breakdown (or crash).

Pressure test basic theory is a product exposed to a very harsh environment, if the product can be under such a harsh environment can maintain normal conditions, we can determine work under normal environment, but also will be able to maintain normal situation. Pressure test case of the most commonly used are:


  • Functional testing of the design - determining the design of the product to achieve the conditions required for its function.
  • The time of production test specifications - confirm that the products can meet the standard specifications required.
  • QA validation testing when - confirm the quality of products can meet the safety standards.
  • Maintenance after safety tests - Check repaired product to maintain compliance with safety standards.

Different products have different technical specifications, basically when the pressure test is a higher than normal working voltage is applied to the product test, the voltage must be sustained for a specified period of time. If the components within a specified time, the amount of current leakage is also maintained within a predetermined range, it is possible to determine the components under normal operating conditions, it should be very safe. And good design and selection of a good insulating material can protect the user, so that he is spared by the unexpected sense of power.

Pressure test at product design and prototyping formal testing more sophisticated than the time of production, because the product in the design phase already decided to test the safety of products. Although the product design to be judged only by a small number of samples, however, the time of production line testing should be strictly require that all products must pass safety standards, it was confirmed that no defective products will be out of production lines.

Pressure test the output voltage must be maintained in the range of 100% to 120% of the specified voltage. AC voltage test the output frequency must be maintained at between 40 to 70Hz, while its peak value of not less than 1.3 times the root mean square (RMS) voltage value, and its peak value shall not exceed the root mean square (RMS) voltage 1.5 times the value.

High voltage test can detect the following condition :

  • Dielectric strength of the insulating material is too weak.
  • Pinhole-on-insulator.
  • The distance between the components is not enough.
  • Broken insulator is extruded.


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