Acceptance Mark
Adapter BSMI Certification Introduction
BSMI commodity inspection system based on the country's highest authority established under the Organic Law of the Ministry of Economic Affairs Ministry of Economic Affairs, the main task for the country to cope with the CEPD standard editing program, commodity inspection of industrial policy implementation in order to improve the international competitiveness of products and protect consumers equity; implementation of international standards of quality assurance systems and environmental management systems to improve quality assurance and environmental management standards of our country; apply uniform criteria and implementation of the national weights and measures standards and other inspection (testing) testing services.

Inspection methods:
Commodity Inspection way except batch inspection, verification login, the new inspection and monitoring compliance statement:
1. Batch test: obligatory inspection report to the inspection, BSMI test every batch execution procedures.
2. Verify login: made ​​obligatory inspection and quality control requirements for the type test reports and other conformity assessment information to review and sign the certificate by the BSMI procedures issued.

3. Monitoring inspection: obligatory inspection report to the inspection, BSMI assessment procedures for monitoring of inspection.
4. Declaration of Conformity: obligatory inspection has designated laboratory reports, technical documents, and a statement by the self-test to ensure that the goods meet the inspection requirements of the program.

Test items:
1. Motor type test items list.
2. Electronic check list items.
3. Voluntary product certification items list.
4. Implementation of electronic declaration of conformity inspection schedule.

Prepare the required documents:


1. Business registration certificate 7. Circuit / block diagram / ​​copper rail map
2. Basic information company, address, phone 8. Measures interference component list
3. Product names, trademarks and models 9. List of important components
4. Chinese label 10. Important components certificates and specifications
5. Series Model Description List (If any) 11. CPI Statement (If any)
6. Traditional Chinese User Manual 12. ISO certificate (If any)

Detection regulatory information:

CNS 14336-1:

Information technology equipment-Safety-Part 1:General requirements


CNS 14408:

Audio, video and similar electronic apparatus-Safety requirements


CNS 3765:

Household and similar electrical apparatus-Safety-Part1:General requirements


CNS 13438:

Information technology equipment-Radio disturbance characteristics-Limits and methods of measurement


CNS 13439:

Sound and television broadcast receivers and associated equiment-Radio disturbance characteristics-Limits and methods of measurement


CNS 13783-1:

Electromagnetic compatibility-Requirements for household appliances, electric tools and similar apparatus-Part1:Emission

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