Acceptance Mark
Adapter Australia GEMS certification will replace the Australian MEPS certification

MEPS for the Australian Energy Label, only local companies in Australia or New Zealand to apply for approval after the market selling product is available in Australia for five years. Take the online application, the need for Australia / New Zealand, local companies can apply for a new case. No certificate, only Application Details. Not accepting variability models, such as XXXX, YYYY.

* Report of the need for test data 23V, 25Hz's.

Voluntary / mandatory Voluntary
Local Agents
Factory inspection X
Detecting the number of samples X
The certificate is valid 5 years

* In accordance with each product category is different from the number of samples will be adjusted.

Australia GEMS certification will replace the Australian MEPS certification
Australia and New Zealand issued a greenhouse and energy minimum standards and regulations (Greenhouse and Energy
Minimum Standards Bill 2012, referred to as GEMS), with effect from October 1, 2012.
The new regulation covers not only the past GEMS main policy: mandatory minimum energy performance standards (referred to as
MEPS), energy efficiency label (referred ERLS) and equipment energy efficiency programs (referred to as E3),
The energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to expand and upgrade the energy efficiency category, guide enterprises
And consumers the lowest cost point of running the entire product life cycle, and make the best choice.
Australia's new energy efficiency certification transitional period of October 1, 2012 to September 30, 2013. Already
MEPS applied for certification of products, during the transition period to allow free turn into GEMS certification. The end of the transitional period
After MEPS certification will no longer be recognized. GEMS is certified as a mandatory certification, product controls are within
There must be GEMS certified before they can be sold in the market, and the applicant must be a locally registered company in Australia.
Currently GEMS certified regulated products:
Compact Fluorescent / extra-low voltage converter / double capped fluorescent lamps / fluorescent lamp ballasts / Incandescent / washer / dryer
Machine / dishwasher / external power supply / TV / digital set-top boxes; electric water heaters; air conditioning and heat pump / three-phase motor / home
Refrigeration equipment; cooling tower / Precision air conditioning / commercial refrigerator / showcase / distribution transformers.
GEMS certified two main steps: the ISO 17025 accredited laboratories to test and provide test reports obtained
Recognition; second step is to submit test reports and other data GEMS registration, information obtained through the audit
GEMS certification.
The new regulations are mainly GEMS has a new registration requirements, the applicant can not select individual states were injection
Book, but the unity of Australian Regulator to register, the registration fee is not AUD 440-870
Etc., registration for a period of 5 years.