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Adapter UL-MX NOM certification mark summary

UL-MX NOM certification mark summary

NOM (The Normas Oficiales Mexicanas) is the official Mexican standards, which is by the Mexican government (State Department) published the mandatory technical regulations, primarily regulated products sold in Mexico.

Product Testing

Mexican standards adopted international standard IEC released, according to regulations, product testing can be performed by accredited laboratories or Mexican NOM designated testing laboratory, and test reports issued, shall be accompanied by the relevant legal and technical documents, after sent together to the certification body for review, in order to obtain UL-MX NOM certification.

Scope of Certification

NOM certification mandatory category includes all more than 24 VAC or DC voltage of electrical and electronic products. Currently, Mexico does not require product of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

Rules and regulations

NOM certificate holder must be responsible for warranty, maintenance and liability obligations, so it must be a local business in Mexico, or located in a free trade agreement with Mexico (Free Trade Agreement, FTA) countries outside the company.

NOM Certification

To continue the extension of the manufacturer in Mexico NOM certificate on hand and sell the product, market surveillance must be carried out by the local inspection unit for the sample, if the test results meet the requirements, the certification unit of Mexico will reissue new NOM certificate. UL Mexico branch is expected to be completed within four weeks of the new / re-issuing the certificate to the local representative of NOM.

In addition, the NOM certificate once issued, the certificate holder can not be converted. If the product design without making changes, NOM certificate holders need not another manufacturer's product testing, you can apply for extension of the right to use NOM certificate.

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