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ac dc adapters meet SAA standard
Australia introduced SAA certification

Australian standards body for Standards Association of Australian, so many of my friends called the Australian SAA certificate authentication. In fact SAA only standard-setting bodies, without issuing Certification. SAA later renamed: Standards Australia Limited. SAA is an independent company, there is no direct relationship with the government, but the federal and state governments is one of its members. SAA and the Australian Federal Government signed a memorandum acknowledged SAA is the highest non-governmental organizations in Australia standards organizations. Memorandum also pointed out that the development of standards to be consistent with WTO requirements. Therefore, it is pointed out that when the appropriate agreements with international standards already exist, they do not develop new Australian standards. Australia's criteria for "AS" beginning, Australia and New Zealand joint standards "AS / NZS" beginning. Standards Australia and New Zealand standards consistent with the IEC, there are some differences between countries at the same time. Australia and New Zealand to implement uniform standards and mutual recognition of certification, certified products as long as you can in one country after another country sales.

SAA certification / oversight bodies

Australia is a federal state, electrical safety and energy requirements of the certification, control and management by individual states or regional surveillance department (Regulatory Authority) certification program conducted in accordance with the state / region. Any certificate issued by a state equally effective in other states / territories, without any additional formalities. In addition, a wholly owned subsidiary QAS SAA standard-setting bodies (Quality Assurance Services Pty Ltd.) is Australia's NCB (National Certification Body), which also issued a certificate to recognize each state or region has the same effect.

All electrical products are certified to do safety (SAA). Through the electrical inspection agency destructive testing, inspection of electrical safety and reliability, such as at high temperatures, uninterrupted electrical overload safety check appliances. To look for a washing machine leak test to check for leakage .Electrical outlets for non-normal use, to see if there are hidden dangers, and so on.

Electrical products into the Australian market must comply with local safety regulations, namely SAA certification industry often face. Australia and New Zealand due to the mutual recognition agreement between the two countries, all certified products made ​​in Australia, New Zealand can successfully enter the market.

SAA logo are mainly two, one is in the form of recognition, one is the standard sign. Form of certification is only responsible for a negative sample, and the standard logo is required to review each perform a factory. Currently, there are two ways to apply for SAA certification, one is by the CB test report, if there is no CB test report, you can also apply directly.

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